The Importance Of Hiring A Travel Advisor

The Importance Of Hiring A Travel Advisor

The Importance Of Hiring A Travel Advisor

March 19, 2020, the U.S. Department of State announced a global level 4 travel advisory directing all Americans to cease international travel in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This announcement halted the travel industry leaving travelers stranded around the world and those set to travel desperately seeking answers about their future plans.

For those who booked vacations on e-Travel sites, seeking the deal of a life time, are now left to fend for themselves. As world tourism comes to an abrupt stop, these call centers are struggling to service the client and pay their employees. One of the major players in the eTravel industry has recently closed operations leaving travelers to navigate cancellations and refunds alone.

As Travel Advisors, this reality of how eTravel sites lack the compassion for travelers during a global crisis saddens us. We have opened our arms to help guide non-clients through the stress and aggravation of figuring out what they can do to salvage their trip or obtain a refund. Our clients see the process as seamless and don’t feel the stress of rescheduling. This is because they chose to travel with us and trust us to handle every aspect of their vacation.

Here are 5 important things to remember when booking your next vacation in 2020 and beyond:

5. We are skilled professionals trained to plan vacations and take into consideration all aspects; flights, resort, transfer, excursions, added costs, travel insurance, packing, etc. As your Travel Advisor, we think of the things you don’t because we have the knowledge of your selected destination.

4. As you Travel Advisor, we build relationships with our clients by learning your personal travel style then suggesting different airlines, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and tours to meet your dreams. We know where to find the best rates and work within your personal budget to build your perfect vacation.

3. Our relationships do not stop with our clients; we create relationships with our suppliers as well. These relationships bring several free perks to our clients that are not available to everyone.

2. Travel Advisors have experience, knowledge, and most likely have been to the destination you are travelling. This alone can save you from the tourist traps and guide you to areas that will ensure amazing memories.

1. Travel Advisors are problem solvers. In the recent weeks, we have seen how the travel industry can be quickly interrupted. Those who booked with a Travel Advisor had someone to reach out to for help, their own personal advocate to help rebook a flight home, request refunds, explain the process for filing a Travel Insurance Claim, and calming your nerves as we all work through this crisis.

Yes, travel agents may charge a planning fee; however, how do truly put a price on your piece of mind while traveling?